All Hail The Watchers

by We Lost The Skyline



All Hail The Watchers

The first single from upcoming EP "Epos Ra" is a journey through the forces behind human decision making, which are affecting, reshaping and transforming the world around us every imaginative second of every life.

Every life vibrates and resonates according to it's surroundings and every emitted notion, thought and feeling - harmonic or chaotic - echoes far beyond the reach of physical perception.
This chain reaction of emitted signals, beliefs, moods, philosophy, energies, supposed history, knowledge and rules passed on between human beings is the creating force behind the world we live in.

Recognizing this collective human mind, One must take responsibility for what vibrations One send echoing out over the world to create hurricanes or gentle summer winds.
Daring to question Oneself in every aspect of existence leads to insight revealing what true human potential lies buried beneath a pile of constructed needs. An emotional loop feeding a growing ego with an endless hunger for materialistic consumption. The world is unbalanced, for we kill ourselves killing the world. This industrial world is not natural.

We need to take control of the creative, endless and loving energy that floats within us all and in every living thing.
For we create the world around us with our consciousness, aware or unaware of the influences of the unconscious mind that stores everything we experience. And deep within the dark of our minds something will make a decision, with or without us. Like someone said: "If you don't stand for something, you will fall for anything". Earth is a living being and we are her caretakers, failing miserably at our jobs. But change is coming. Over fear love shall prevail!

We seek truth

We intend to rock the foundations until mankind awakens

We believe random acts of kindness might just bring peace to Mother Earth

We Lost The Skyline


released June 17, 2014



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We Lost The Skyline Sweden

Honest, raw and psychedelic rock from the deepest woods of Sweden.


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